Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photo Book

5th April 2021

A wedding album should be as precious as that special day. As it not only allows couples to relive those cherishable moments but also preserves them for generations to come. But choosing the right photo album becomes difficult without knowing various elements they are made of. So to help you choose better, here’s an introduction to different components of our premium wedding albums. 


Dimensions and Sizes

Dimensions matter as they help you decide the formatting of photos you’ve chosen to print. Our premium wedding photo books are crafted in three standard orientations: Portrait, Landscape, and Square. While dimensions change, the quality of materials remains the same for all orientations. 

Our standard size for Landscape is 14X20”.

For Portrait orientation, we offer varied sizes ranging from 20X15” to 30X20”.

Whereas for square, our standard size is 15X15”. 


Premium Wedding Photo Books Bindings 

Choosing the right bindings is essential as it defines the layout of your photos. Our premium wedding photo books are crafted in two typical binding types: Regular Perfect Binding & Premium Layflat Binding. Both of the bindings are done with the utmost care and craftsmanship to offer you the best. 

  • Regular Perfect Binding 

With our regular perfect binding, the cover and pages are glued together at the spine after which the edges are trimmed ‘perfectly’ to give your book sharp and even edges. It is ideal for giving your photobooks lightweight, flexible, and sleek appeal.

  • Premium Layflat Binding

In Layflat binding, there is a center cut or joint between the sheets which is created using a specialized center taping machine instead of gluing each sheet into the binding. It allows the page to be completely flat at the centerfold, making it perfect for showcasing your photos. 

Premium Wedding Album Inside Papers 
What transforms viewing photos is the feel and appeal of the paper it's printed on. All our standard and premium wedding photobooks are crafted with different types of pre-refined papers. The paper's materials range from subtle to metallic to long-lasting Non-Tearable. Let’s introduce ourselves to a few of them. 

  • Transparent Magic (Embossed)

Giving your photos a 3D feel, the paper is raised from underneath to make the photos pop out to reality. 

  • Hi-Gloss

Hi-gloss paper for an ultra-smooth and extra glossy. The high definition depth, the glossy finish augments the beauty of the images. 

  • Feather Touch

Both soft to the hands and pleasing to the eyes, feather touch finish leaves one admiring the elements of a photo with a delicate touch. 

  • Texture

A textured finish to add more depth and feel to a precious moment. It captures the essence of a photo and raises the experience. 

  • Heavy Non-Tearable (Gloss/Matt)

Made of heavy non-tearable material, this finish can be crafted with the glimmering gloss or sensuous feel of matt. 

  • Lustre

Crafted with a luster finish to give your photos a radiant sheen and adds a subtle shimmer to photos. 

  • Non-Tearable Matt

Crafted with non-tearable material in a superior matt finish, it makes images stand out with style and class.  

  • Non-Tearable Metallic (Gloss/Matt)

Add a metallic gleam to the photo for a mesmerizing look. This non-tearable print can be further refined in gloss or matt. 

  • Pearl Metallic (Gloss/Matt)

A perfect mix of subtle, but eye-catching Pearl white along with a metallic sheen, this finish leaves one admiring image to the fullest.

  • Silk Matt

Combining the best of two, silk and matt finish, the Silk Matt finish gives photos the smoothest texture. 

Not just these, our pre-refined papers come in multiple other varieties including:
Magic Touch (Embossed), Crystal Metallic Gloss, Diamond Metallic, Non-Tearable (Gloss), Ivory Metallic (Gloss). Together, these not only elevate the appeal of photos but also transform the viewing experience with their varied textures and finishes. 

Photo Book Packaging Types

A purposeful wedding album packaging is one that carries a personal touch. To perfectly preserve your wedding keepsake, we craft packaging in three primary types to choose from Bag Packaging, Box Packaging & Briefcase Packaging. Each of the packaging types can be personalized with photos of your choice. 

  • Bag Packaging

Crafted with premium materials, our album bags are perfected to the last detail. Each of our bags is made to be unique with custom, handmade pieces of everlasting quality.

  • Box Packaging

Unboxing is always cheerful and when it comes to boxing a wedding album, we give it our all to elevate the experience. With no compromise in materials and craftsmanship, these high-quality boxes can also be coupled with a bag of your choice. 

  • Briefcase Packaging 

A sturdier choice to conserve those everlasting memories. Our album cases are made with optimum grade materials and contemporary techniques. Further customizations are always available for materials, finishes, and more. 

Photobook Designing Services

At Gee7, we also help you design and print photographs as per your requirements. Our exclusive designing services specifically cater to helping you create the perfect layout for desired results. Simply, connect with us or send us your requirements and our team of experts will be directly in touch with you at the earliest. 

What makes a wedding album different from others is the choice of its elements. At Gee7, we ensure that every part of our albums carries the celebratory feel of a wedding day. All our albums are handcrafted as per a customer’s needs. Be it creative albums in modern covers or leather covers, we craft albums in materials you desire. We work with the vision to help photographers grow their business in a healthy and progressive manner with our premium wedding albums and other merchandise. Visit our online store to partner with us and rise creatively. 

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