Punjabi Wedding & High-Spirits Go Hand-in-Hand

17th October, 2020

Known all over the world for their vibrant and celebratory culture, Punjabi weddings are a class apart. And with this notion in mind, I headed to Amritsar to get a taste of it and satiate my creative desires through photography. The couple, Sunanda and Nikhil were getting hitched with all the fanfare. A gorgeous couple and very photogenic indeed. I felt so much involved since the beginning of the wedding shoot as they both knew exactly how to pose and where to pose in front of the camera. But that was limited only to the couple. Rest of them were always in a rapturous mood. So I faced a lot of difficulty in getting the photo without it getting blurry. A lot of them turned out a complete waste of efforts. Constant dance and running around made the shoot a real challenge for me. Capturing the moments became really tough indeed. Elderlies and young ones, all were on a full roll. So a polite request for a candid shot always went across on deaf ears. With alcohol surge, things started to get high-spirited, but in a positive way.


Anyway, I was out there to do my job so I kept myself focussed despite all the problems. However, I have to appreciate Nikhil and Sunanda. Their sense of even the minutest of details made my task a tad bit easy. Because the couple in their wedding is most important and if they are doing things right from a cameraman’s point of view then it results in great shots.

The ingredients and environment were perfect for an awe-inspiring photo-session. But just the couple other than that poora khandan was jumping with joy, most of them completely drunk and high. 

Families of bride and groom were all mastikhors. So there were some moments where some amazingly beautiful photographs were taken. A lot of candid shots actually. 

And for a few sober souls in the wedding, they simply denied being photographed. In fact, the majority of them were camera shy. But on polite request and on the insistence of the bride and groom, I was able to take some gorgeous shots. 

Every moment was captured and I had this gut feeling that this is turning out as the happiest wedding shoot ever. If you see the album, it’s filled with beautiful colours on a sacred canvas of marriage. Joy surrounded the venue and everyone had genuine smiles. In such an environ, even if you go on clicking randomly you might end up with many photographs of a gold standard. Since I was the pro over there so the whole affair was a fantastic one. I felt so so satisfied with the work. Not to forget, the couple called me personally as they felt mesmerized by the result. A Chak De moment for me indeed. You can check out the album to view those exciting pics.

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