Understanding the Value of Wedding Photo Books

15th July 2021

In the world of wedding photography, we are all too aware of high-quality photo albums as they’ve dominated the industry for years. However, in recent years it’s the personalised photo album and high-quality photo books have taken the market by storm. While the traditional albums were more close to a collage-like arrangement of photographs, these two latest alternatives offer endless variety in terms of personalisation.

The photography industry has already adapted to the rising demand for these modern alternatives to traditional albums. Today, we’ll discuss some key benefits of printed photo books for the new-age photographer.

 What are Photo Books? 

Before we delve into the world of album printing, it’s best to understand the concept of a modern photo book correctly.

A photo book or personalised photo album is a book where photographs are the dominant mode of representation as compared to text. To put it simply, it’s a book whose 90% of the space consists of photos, hence the name photo books. The key factor that differentiates it from albums is that an entire page is dedicated to a single photograph, even two in cases of lay-flat books. The photographs can be strategically arranged in order to create a story which is an important part of photo album designing. 

Today, these are a trending choices for weddings, fashion shoots, conserving and displaying artwork, wildlife photography, and whatnot. 

Importance of Photo Books in Digital-Age 

While the ease and convenience of the digital are appreciated even by professional photographers, there’s nothing that can be taken away from the experience of a photo book. Today, just as we see the return of the classic polaroid camera, album printing and their unique experience can never lose their lustre. 

Above all, when it comes to conserving once in a lifetime moments such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, etc., photo books are always the prime and ideal choice as they:

  • Perverse the memories for generations. 
  • Transform photos into stories via photo album designing. 
  • Are more secure than digital copies. 
  • Combine visual and tactile for a more sensual experience. 
  • Can be customised, resized, and embellished in the largest variety. 

Weddings are an emotional moment in our society and there’s no better way to conserve and commemorate those feelings than with a high-quality photo book or a high-quality photo album. To be concise, the wedding album makes revisiting old memories a family event as compared to viewing them individually on phones. 

Importance of Wedding Albums for Photographers 

Album printing is a part of a professional photographer’s job but not an essential one. That’s why some photographers stick to photo shoots and leave the printing to their clients. However, wedding photographers don’t have this luxury as personalised photo albums have always been a part of their niche sector. Aside from being essential for wedding photography, they offer many key benefits essential for a professional's growth. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Boosting Customer Trust in Your Services 

Showcasing your previous work in a high-quality photo album aka demo photo book is a well-used tactic among photography professionals. When prospective clients can experience the end product and your photography skills, their trust in your services automatically improves. High-quality photo albums will not only help you in winning and retaining clients but also boost your revenue as a provider of complete solutions from shoots to print. 

Helping Your Client Make Better Decisions 

The perspective of most prospective clients is centered around the concerns of their budget rather than finding the best photo albums. Therefore, it becomes the job of the photographer to help them make better decisions within their budget. Demo books allow you to showcase different varieties in terms of prints and photoshoots for different budgets. They give clients a real idea of what they can get with their planned budget and may even choose to go beyond it for a specific service you offer. To sum it up, the best photo albums are those that your clients find to be the best. 

Enhance Your Photography Skills 

How do you know what’s the best photo albums for your client if you don’t understand their different elements? Being closely tied up to processes involved in personalised wedding album printing such as artwork designing have the potential to boost your skillset. It is only when you look through the perspective of a complete personalised photo album you will be able to imagine how the entire story of a wedding will unfold via photos. All in all, learning skills such as photo album designing are the key to becoming a truly professional photographer. 

In an overview, customers today want their wedding stories to be told and preserved with personalised elements. And there’s no better way to do so than with photo books and custom photo album designing. Therefore, having access to high-end photo album printing is key to growth for wedding photographers. Gee7 is a digital platform designed specifically to make bespoke album printing accessible to photographers all over India. Equipped with the best in the print industry such as the HP Indigo 12000 HD, we conserve your client’s wedding in lifelike photo prints. Our bespoke wedding albums are available in square, landscape, and portrait dimensions in the biggest album sizes and over 50+ pre-refined paper finishes. Explore all about our services at our online album store.

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