Why are Photo Albums One Step Ahead of Pen Drives/Hard Disks/USB?


Photo Albums are one of the most underrated commodities, but it's never too late to realise the importance they play in our lives. Saving photos digitally can just be fun for some time as you will lose access to them today or tomorrow, but Photo Albums are forever. A wide assortment of Albums and photo books created from top-level materials is available at Gee7 for your clients.

Every time you look at your childhood pictures in the photo album your mother kept in the Almira with immense love and care. Don’t you feel like living those old days back?  Yes, of course, you do. Don't you just become all nostalgic thinking how your parents had captured every moment and have a whole photo album of your childhood days from the time you took your first step to when you said your first word,  your first birthday to your first day in school, and every little moment?

Even despite the age of technology, printed photos and albums should not be neglected. Albums are a treasured part of the family, be it creating wedding albums or photo books.

Photo books hold the most valuable and essential moments, and most importantly, it's a special place where the memories of the most significant moments will remain forever. 

Each time your family sees an album of your childhood days, your parents or grandparents have a story to tell you about how naughty or mischievous you were. 

Reliving these moments makes you cherish those imperfect but most perfect pictures.

Wedding album making at Gee7 is the best thing you can ever discover. We manufacture every wedding album with love and enthusiasm as we comprehend the feelings and sentiments attached to them.

But things have taken a 360 degree turn these days. In the digital generation, people just click pictures and post them on social media, and then those make a place on their cloud platform. However, we are here to tell you why printing albums is what you need. 

Have a look at some of the best reasons:-

1) Don’t Rely on Technology for Keeping Your Memories

  • Nobody in the world can deny the fact that technology changes so quickly. Maybe within a few months or years, you lose access to all of the photos you uploaded on various platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • You are indeed not doing it right if you have not turned your most memorable pictures into albums. Photos on the internet will surely lose their charm in a few years. Still, you know an album holds the quality of keeping your pictures alive for decades.

  • Being technology-driven is not bad as far as you are keeping the physical copies.

2) Live Every Moment by Holding the Photo Album in Your Hands

  • You know, flipping pages of photo albums are far much better than sitting in front of the screen and looking at pictures but not being able to feel them. Yes, holding the most auspicious day of your life in your hand drives you through thousands of feelings which is not possible through saving them on different digital platforms. A wedding album makes will make you feel on top of the world when it reaches your doorstep. You could be able to relive each moment again.

3) Printing Your Photo Helps You Remember it All

  • Sometimes there are such tiny moments that happen in your life, and you feel like capturing them. Now, what becomes the cherry on the cake is when you print a photo album of all those tiny but insignificant moments that make you realize how grateful you are for the life you have.

4) You Never Lose Photo Albums.

  • How are you so sure that you will not misplace your USP, pen drives,/hard disc because it’s obvious you cannot always keep track of such tiny things.

  • With albums, you don't have to stress yourself ever as they remain forever.  

5) The Damage of USB/Pen drives/Hard Disc is Unpredictable

  • Not just misplaced, but there’s a lot that can happen if you have not printed photo albums. One day, you won’t even know that all your data is lost from different sources, even if you have kept them with the utmost care.
  • You might be shaken to see the damage because you can’t rely on their quality as they don't last for long.

  • Maybe by mistake, your CD’s or pen drives with your best pictures can come in contact with water for whatever reason, and we don’t need to mention further what extent of damage can be caused to them.

  • Almost every household has kids, and they don’t have much control over their hands. And also, you can’t keep your eyes on them the whole time, so if they just throw CDs or pen drives out of fun, you cannot restore the data.

But you don’t have to worry because we are here to solve this problem as Gee7 extends non-tearable photo books or albums with premium quality. Build physical photo albums to cherish each moment for generations. At Gee7, we design and print photographs as per your demands. Canvera album designing at Gee7 is exclusively tailored to create the perfect layout for the best outcomes. Connect with us!

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